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January 3, 2017
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AdWords Scripts For Beginners To Implement

Managing multiple AdWords accounts is a little daunting when you’re first getting started. It’s not uncommon for newer users try to develop a pattern or schedule to combat this. It’s great to segment daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, but eventually unexpected twists will hinder your day to day in PPC management .

The problem is, from the rigors of budget management, to writing and testing ad copy, to assigning proper ad groups, to keyword bidding, to mining search term reports, etc… It’s easy to get distracted with ad hoc surprises, and it can become pretty overwhelming to maintain these standard daily tasks.

While you may feel overwrought, never fear! Automation in the form of AdWords scripts can help you become more efficient, and for a brief moment allow you to take a step back from the nitty gritty AdWords trenches (learn how to apply AdWords scripts). This can essentially open up a path and allow you to focus on becoming a more strategic paid search master.

So let’s put some of our favorite scripts to use when implementing AdWords campaigns.

1. URL Checker:

One of the biggest blunders made by beginners can be sending visitors to broken pages. Nothing hurts more than not catching these because you’re essentially just burning your hard earned money.


That’s why this script can be a real lifesaver. By running this script you can schedule an update on any broken links into a spreadsheet and automate them in the form of email notifications. This will help you spend your money smartly, and shift your focus to mending any broken pages. There are a number of these scripts available, check out one here.

2. Quality Score Tracker:

Quality score is easy to overlook when you’re just starting out. You quickly learn that tracking QS closely provides insight into the groundwork that needs to be laid outside the platform, i.e. landing page content.

This useful script by Martin Roettgerding, is free and can help you prioritize what needs to get done behind the scenes. It works by pulling your keywords quality scores into a Google spreadsheet and allows you to plan your leg work quickly.

3. Pause Budget Once Monthly Cap Is Reached:

This script from works exactly as you would think. Once you hit your max budget, the campaigns will freeze. This is particularly helpful for someone who has a hard and fast budget, and doesn’t want to push the envelope with spend. Just make sure you set the budget at the beginning of the script.



4. Increase Keyword Bids On Cheap Converting Keywords:

For our last script, we came across Sophie Howell of Kozai’s fantastic “100 Google AdWords Scripts You Should Be Using”. Most of these may be a little advanced for day 1 of the 101 program, but we recommend checking it out once you get through the first semester.

The script we chose to feature is Increase KW Bids On Cheap Converting KWs. Again this works exactly as it sounds by looking at the lowest cost converting keywords from the last 30 days and increasing their bids. A direct link to the script via Evernote can be found here.

This is especially useful when starting out, as it really allows you to see winner and loser keywords right off the bat. There may be keywords that you thought would bring you success that are just draining your budget. This allows you to truly focus your efforts.

There are undoubtedly countless scripts to implement, but we hope this helps you get started on your righteous scripting journey right away!