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January 14, 2017

Easily Create Videos to Diversify Your Content Marketing

Three Reasons Videos Work Great for Content Marketing:

  • Certain demographics of users LOVE watching videos
  • Videos open up more advertising channels (YouTube, Vimeo, etc)
  • Videos are highly engaging: Folks enjoy sharing videos

Now, the times when video content was so difficult to make that most people were just shying away from it are over. Videos are a no-brainer now. When it has to do with video tutorials and mashups, I am simply using iMovie (free, simple, time-saver). Nonetheless, oftentimes, you won’t actually require any desktop software.

There are a few awesome online tools that allow you to produce professional videos which will diversify your video marketing and allow you to experiment with all genres, styles, and types. The first one that springs to mind is obviously Youtube Hangouts on Air.

Nevertheless, it is not the only one!
The next four tools are all freemium, so you’ll have an opportunity to play for free first:


Animoto is a massive time-saver! Catch your screenshots or videos, select (or upload your own) audio, add text breaks — you are finished! A brand new video is ready to distribute.




I enjoy using it for screenshot display (for tutorials) and also for summing up talks, hangouts, etc. But I’m sure there can be lots of different uses ( weekly user picture show, testimonial showcase, etc .)


Powtoon is a freemium tool to make animated demonstrations and video directions. The very best thing about this tool is that it allows you to create video instructions that catch attention and have enormous viral potential as opposed to conventional step-by-step video guides.

It has lots of templates with different mascots:

Powtoon Mascots
There are plenty of available components inside: Characters, animations, text affects, image holders, etc. The free version will keep its watermark on the final version.

Powtoon is amazing for creating concept explanations, fun tutorials and perhaps even promo videos.
They also have slides project in private beta which I am really excited about playing with! Stay tuned!


Vidtrack is a new tool I will have to play with. It allows you to user-generate your videos by enabling your viewers to send you video messages. I think it may work for testimonials, contests, etc.

You can try it free of charge and make 5 videos. I imagine you are able to utilize those videos in plenty of ways (particularly in the event that you need some editing in place).

Just look at some examples of videos featured on the website get inspired.

Their latest feature is the website recorder that features a WordPress plugin allowing your users to produce content for you:

Our video recorder will allow you to put a video record button anywhere on your website. Whenever someone clicks the record button it will activate a webcam or mobile camera. Site visitors can record any type of fan videos, crowdsourced videos or user generated videos. These could be video testimonials, video interviews, video contests, video auditions, video reviews, video feedback, etc….