Search Engine marketing or SEM refers to the paid placement of your ad at the top, right hand side, or bottom of a search results page when a given keyword is typed into search engines.

Sometimes referred to as Pay-Per-Click Advertising, or PPC for short, Search Engine Marketing is a quick and cost-effective way for driving relevant traffic to your site.

The Technical Side

Effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) requires a planned out strategy. Being Google certified Partners, Nimble Pixel has a team of highly skilled Paid Search managers dedicated to ensuring your campaigns run smoothly, and cost-effectively.

Sure, you could get someone with little to no experience to run your campaigns. Or you can go with industry leaders – giving you peace of mind and great performance.

The Creative Side

There is a creative element involved in ad targeting. Determining keywords, audience, and demographic information to ensure that your ads perform best can take some critical thinking. Now more than ever, it has become possible to accurately target your ideal customer based on the other brands or companies in which they would be most likely to follow or identify with. Knowing and understanding those companies or brands make targeting your ideal client even easier. This research process is a part of Nimble Pixel’s campaign setup.